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Comment before adding me first! I will only add you if we have things in common. I will not add you if you add me first. If you found me through a friending meme please post there asking to be friends first.

No you may not have this username, I got it first. So please do not ask. I am not Stephen Amell, nor am I anyway affiliated with him, his family or anyone who works for or with him. I am just a fan myself and love his work.

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Welcome new friends!

Finally got caught up with everyone's journals. Sorry it took so long, but things have been hectic. And I apologize if I missed anyone while getting caught up. If I did not comment on your journal it was probably because you have not updated in a while or a long time or I did miss you and did not realize it. If I did unfortunately miss you, please let me know. But I think I got caught up with everyone.

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If you have any of these, feel free to add me if you want, just let me know I know you from LiveJournal. I tend to not add people I don't recognize.

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And we have rain! Crazy amounts. Which also means now the TV wont work. I swear it looks like a damn river on the street out front. Ear still hurts, but happy I can hear some of the rain. Just a shame I can't hear the thunder. :( Hope everyone who is in Southern California or anywhere with crazy ass rain stay's safe.